Trostun is committed to protecting your confidentiality. This document will outline our privacy policy, along with best practices that we follow to protect your data and personal information. 

This document will also explain how we handle the personal information that you provide to us, including your name and email accounts. 

Furthermore, it will also discuss exactly what sort of information we gather, what’s the reason behind collecting such details, what security measures we adopt to protect this info, and how/where this information is saved.

What kind of info DO we collect?

We collect basic information when you interact with our websites and services (directly or indirectly). This includes your name, mailing address, and phone number. 

We also collect IP addresses that are automatically assigned to computers on the Internet, along with related information about your operating system, browser type, usage, log data, and cookies.

How Do We Utilize Your Details?

Trostun collects basic information from its users just for valid reasons and with the intention to serve you in the best way. The purpose of gathering this info is to ensure the smooth execution of contracts and operations. 

A few other notable reasons for collecting basic information include the following:

  • We collect basic information to communicate with you regarding our website and services. The purpose is to keep you updated about the latest updates and changes to our programs. The intent of collecting this info is also to verify your account, respond to your queries, and provide seamless support.
  • Trostun uses this information for website and service management so that we can make our products easily accessible to everyone.
  • We also use collected details to send promotional offers and emails. Users are entitled to unsubscribe to our emails and promotional offers anytime they want. 
  • This information can also be used to process transactions without issues.
  • The collected data helps us in knowing about consumer priorities and preferences.

Is your information exchanged for any social or commercial reasons?

Never ever! Trostun, being one of the leading digital service providers in the IT industry, never compromises user integrity. We keep things transparent so that our users can see a clear picture of what we do and how we do it.

We ensure to protect users’ privacy under all circumstances. Our team has taken strict security measures to protect the data that we collect from our respected consumers. 

It is clearly mentioned that we never sell or exchange your personal data to other websites or services, no matter what.

Third-party apps and Plug-ins

A few third-party apps or plugins might try to interact with you or ask for personal details when you use our website, products, or services. Please be informed that such requests are straight from the third-party app or plugin, not from us. 

That’s why we do not take any responsibility for the information that you share with third-party apps or plugins. Whenever you get any such request, make sure to go through the verification process on your own. Grant access to information only when you are fully satisfied with these apps or services.

Why, When, and with Whom COULD YOUR DETAILS be shared?

As mentioned above, we never share or disclose your information with anyone for financial, social, or business gains. However, there are some exceptions to this. 

The only situation where we might share your information is when law enforcement agencies demand such details. We are bound to obey the legislation, and that’s the reason we can’t keep things from LEAs.

Do we obtain info from Minors?

Trostun makes sure to follow the rules and regulations imposed by law. We never acquire any sort of personal details from users under thirteen years of age.

If an under-aged user gets registered to our website or services unknowingly and we come to know about this instance, later on, we waste no time removing such user’s data from our system. 

We don’t even wait for the user to make such a request. Instead, we immediately erase users’ data to comply with the state regulations.

Mobile Apps privacy policy

Which information is acquired by the app?

Trostun is the leading digital agency with a high level of professionalism and works ethic. That’s the reason we are bound to ensure the complete privacy of users. We take all strict measures to guarantee your confidentiality. 

The app may ask you to provide some basic information to work smoothly on your device. This is not mandatory. However, some of the features may not work appropriately if you don’t register yourself. 

The basic information that you might need to provide includes your mailing address, user name, and password. In some rare instances, there could be a couple of additional things that you have to add.

Do we demand your financial info?

No, we never demand any kind of financial information from users under any condition. You can be sure that Trostun will never ask you to submit your financial details. 

We rely on trusted third-party payment gateways to process transactions safely and securely. Most commonly, we use proper banking channels, PayPal, and other reliable payment options. 

Trostun never requires your credit or debit card number to process transactions. 

What info the app automatically collects?

The app may automatically gather (but is not limited to) information related to your device, mobile operating system, IP address, and browser type. However, the app doesn’t ask for your exact current location. 

Can you get out anytime?

Yes, you can always opt-out anytime you want without going through a difficult procedure. Whenever you make up your mind to part ways with us, simply uninstall the app, and we’ll permanently remove your data associated with the app installation.

We use a standard uninstallation process, which means you won’t have to waste time while uninstalling the app from your device. In case you don’t have time to continue with this, just send us an email, and we’ll process your request as soon as humanly possible.

App-specific info retention policy

Please be informed that we may keep some of your basic information for a specific time period. If a specific user wants to get all his data deleted permanently, they may contact us via email.

How do we protect your data?

Trostun is always concerned with keeping your data fully protected, and that’s the reason we employ the latest encryption techniques for all our products and services. Your privacy is our top priority, and we take it seriously.

The data you submit with us is not more than a way to improve our algorithms. However, our professionals use advanced cyber protocols and security firewalls to keep your information under lock and key.