We value the affiliation of our users. Therefore, by installing and using the App, the user by default agrees to the terms and conditions below.

Fundamental Conditions

Our mobile App Logo Maker is an application specially designed to create customized logos, icons, and designs according to your requirements.

  1. The user of this application is solely responsible for any activity within its user profile.
  2. You are liable to protect and retain the passwords for accessing this App.
  3. Any kind of misuse, abuse, violation, exploitation, impersonation, or manipulation is not allowed.
  4. This App cannot be used to trick, deceive, or maneuver any laws. International users are bound within the domains of their local and international cyber law provisions for the usage and distribution of content.
  5. No inappropriate or illegitimate publicity, promotions, channel lists, pyramid systems, codes, or spam must be uploaded, posted, transferred, emailed, forwarded, or made accessible in any manner.
  6. No user is allowed to alter, interrupt, reverse engineer, breach security, or server control through the transfer of viruses, malware, bugs, or any other type of damage infliction locally, nationally, or internationally.
  7. No user can deliberately, intentionally, on purpose, or even involuntarily can breach any local, national, or foreign laws while using this App or with its help. Infringement or compromise with any of the provisions of the contract of usage will be tantamount to the suspension and cancellation of your account.

By using this Logo Maker App you give a solemn undertaking that you agree to all terms and conditions and the App itself, or the Parent Company Trostun stands vindicated from any type of abuse from your side using this App.

Sole Right of Ownership

  1. The sole right of ownership and proprietary advantages will always remain with Trostun that cannot be questioned, contested or arbitrated.
  2. Trostun retains the absolute right of modification and/or cancellation of services without any prior notification.
  3. Trostun holds the right to modify, alter, revise part or full terms of use at any time deemed appropriate without any prior notice.
  4. Trostun and Logo Maker retains the absolute discretion of halting, or cancelling the provision of services on any grounds deem sufficient for this purpose at any time of choice.
  5. The company stands vindicated from any kind of responsibility or removal of content, data, information, and accounts that contain material considered illegal, disrespectful, defamatory, disturbing, or inappropriate in any manner.
  6. Trostun enjoys discreet discretion in possessing, using, publicizing, or revealing the information gathered from the usage of the App, when required.
  7. We have the right to interfere, retrieve, and halt designs, and trademarks, that belong to other businesses and individuals.

DO NOT use this App to

  • Create any content/material that is contrary to or in violation to the laws, damaging, offensive, insulting, embarrassing, annoying, or disturbing to any community, ethnicity, group, state, or even any individual.
  • Make any designs, logos, trademarks, or any content using this App that causes violation or infringement of any copyrights of intellectual property, data, or information. This includes but is not limited to patents, logos, blueprints, trademarks, or any other intangible assets claimed by other businesses or individuals.
  • Create, spread, publish, unleash, and disclose any illegitimate promotional content, spam mail, pyramid schemes, spam, or any other illegal execution using this App.
  • Fraudulently impersonating or misrepresenting any other person, business, or group.

Substance & Content of this App

  • This App is planned, designed, and executed, and brain child of a team of professionals that doesn’t contain any idea, concept, plan, retrieved inappropriately from any external source. The entire substance and material available on this App is created by the team.
  • The sole owner of the application has taken all possible measures to prevent any kind of minutest violation of any local/international criminal/cyber laws employing the best of information and resources.
  • In any such event where any of the element of this App even remotely resembles to that of any third party material, this is completely unintentional and never intended to exploit the efforts of any other person/party/company/group. If any user/surfers find any element that matches that of the claimant, you can Contact Us to share the proof and if established, we will make sure to settle the dispute in the best possible manner.

Paid Subscriptions

The paid subscriptions of this App include various paid packages and the subscription allows the user to use the App constantly or regularly without any limitations for a certain period of time.

The subscriptions are never meant for an indefinite period of time, instead, they require recurring charges that must be catered in order to continue the subscription.

Billing Terms on App Store

Users can use their Apple ID integrated with the App store in order to purchase the subscription of this app Logo Maker. While subscribing to our App, the users give consent that

All payments can be charged to the user’s Apple ID account.

The subscribers must note down that in order to cancel their subscription, this must be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of their current period, or else the subscription will automatically be renewed.

All kinds of fees and payments are charged 24 hours prior to the expiry of the current subscription term. Users can further manage or cancel the subscriptions in Apple Store’s settings account.

Billing Terms on Play Store

Android users can use their Google ID integrated with Play Store to subscribe to our App Logo Maker. While buying the subscription, users must note down that

All the payments will be charged to the user’s Google Play Store account

The subscribers must note down that after the end of the trial period, the payments are charged automatically. Renewals are made for the same plan automatically if the users do not cancel the subscription at least 24 hours prior to the expiry of the current term.

All outstanding dues, fees, and payments are charged 24 hours prior to the expiry of the current subscription term. Users can further customize, manage, or cancel the subscription in their Google Play Store.

Refund Policy

App Store

We do not retain any prerogative of issuing a refund for in-app purchases made on the App Store since it is directly executed by the Apple Store as an SOP. No amount is refundable in any such scenario. This is the sole responsibility of the users to cancel the subscriptions at least 24 hours prior to the expiry of their current subscription term.

Google Play Store

Here you can communicate with the developer of the App to inquire about the in-app purchases you have made that aren’t working right, or it has been more than 48 hours since the purchase and now you want a refund.

You can also get in touch with Google Play Store if you have purchased an app or made in-app purchases. You can seek help from Google Assistant and ask for the cancellation of an order or even a refund.

In case you uninstall a paid app shortly after the installation, you are likely to get a refund automatically. If you want to reinstall the App, you will not get a refund and you will have to pay for it again.


All the substance, material, and content available on this application, including images, texts, effects, videos, and other such elements, are protected under the copyrights and trademark, using any of this without permission and license of usage are completely illegal.

The legal terms of this App render no right to using this App’s name or any other information/data directly or indirectly related to this App, including domain name, trademarks, templates, and any other elements related to this App.